Robelco Tax Services is an independent organisation of tax consultancy professionals, specialized in international income tax and social security issues. We have an outstanding track record in supporting Dutch employees working abroad and expats from all over the globe working in The Netherlands.

We focus on employees who, one way or the other, have a link with ships or water (management). Those employees we service are for example working for dredging companies, cruise liners, in sea transport, the oil industry and so on.

Most clients range from private individuals and expatriates. Top quality fiscal support is what our advisors provide to those individuals. Our specialists all have one thing in common: they put the client first.

The advisors of Robelco Tax Services focus on Dutch income tax and the tax consequences of cross border employment. This includes social security matters.

The specialists of Robelco Tax Services maintain a proactive approach towards their clients and their particular issues. Troubleshooting is what they do best. They do what they say. They meet deadlines and respond to their clients’ needs. If they cannot respond immediately, the client will receive an indication of when they can expect an answer.

We can help you come out ahead!

Any questions? Our tax specialists can answer them.
Just contact our organisation 
by phone: + 31 (180) 85 85 85 or e-mail: info@robelco.nl.

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